"J. LaSalle LB-33 Pernambuco, "Octagonal", Custom Designed Violin Bow
1937 Kay M-1 Serial Number 1186 First Year of Kay Basses SOLD
1939 Kay C-1 Vintage Refinished Upright Bass Serial # 6415 SOLD
1941 Kay S-51 Chubby Jackson 5 String Upright Bass SOLD
1948 Kay C-1 Upright Bass Vintage American Bass SOLD
1949 Kay C-1 Model Serial # 20268 Vintage American Bass SOLD
1951 C A Gotz Jr. German Upright Bass Removable Neck Converted
1958-American-Standard-Upright-Bass SOLD
1960 Epiphone Upright Bass made by Gibson SOLD
1960 German Mittenvald Laminated Bass with KILLER SOUND SOLD
1960 Kay S-9 Swingmaster Blonde Upright Bass SOLD
1961 Kay C-1 Bass SOLD
1963 German Upright Bass by Ernst Heinrich Roth SOLD
1969 Johan Rauner German Bass SOLD
1972 Vintage Engelhardt Upright Bass Highly Flamed SOLD
1977 Suzuki 3/4 Upright Bass all laminated construction SOLD
1979 Engelhardt C-1 3/4 Upright Acoustic Bass SOLD
1995 Romanian Made Klengel Upright Bass Solid Carved Woods SOLD
1998 German Eberle All Carved 3/4 Upright Bass SOLD
2001 Bulgarian 5 String 3/4 Upright Bass from Gollihur SOLD
3/4 Christopher Upright Double Bass Busetto Corners BIG Bottom End
SOLD - 1961 King Mortone Blonde Upright Bass Serial #4270
SOLD - 1941 Kay M-1 Serial Number 9460 Maestro Violin Corners Upright Bass American Made
SOLD - Calin Wultur 2008 Carcassi Model Upright Bass made in Reghin Romania Europe
-SOLD-1920’s German All Solid Carved 3/4 Upright Bass
LIST of Used and Vintage Upright Basses at FMI
NEW Weedwacker PRO Rockabilly Slap Bass Strings 4, 5, or 6 String Sets
SOLD - 1930 Czech Bass all solid carved flat back upright bass Made in Czechoslovakia
SOLD - 1960s Epiphone Upright Bass Huge Sounding
SOLD - 1959 King Mortone Upright Bass
SOLD - 1960 German Carved Spruce Top Solid Maple Flat Back and Sides
SOLD - Christopher DB402T Removable Neck Upright Bass 3/4 - Gently Used
SOLD - Clevinger DEL-5 1998 Honey Amber - 5 String Electric Upright Bass
SOLD -1937 Kay M-4 Dark Blonde Vintage Upright Double Bass
SOLD -1959 Kay Upright Bass #41911
SOLD -2008 EG9 Engelhardt Blonde Swingmaster 3/4 Upright Bass
SOLD -1937 Blonde Kay Swingmaster Upright Bass Removable Neck Rigged
SOLD -1940 German Made Wilfer Upright Bass Vintage Jazz Orchestral Bass
SOLD 1940 Epiphone Upright Bass Serial # 396
SOLD- 1939 Kay M-1W 3/4 Serial #6407 Upright Bass
SOLD- 1945 Kay M-1 Maestro Upright Bass Serial # 12557 Excellent Condition
SOLD- 1946 Kay M-1 3/4 #13103 Upright Bass
SOLD- 1948 Kay Bass M-1B Serial #17270 - Amazing Condition
SOLD- 1954 Kay C-1 #36166 Upright Bass
SOLD- 1959 Kay M-1 Maestro Upright Bass serial # 41,911
SOLD- 1978 Engelhardt C-1 3/4 Upright Bass Serial # 21999
SOLD- 1996 ES9 Engelhardt Blonde Swingmaster Upright Bass 3/4 #69382
SOLD- Framus German made Upright Bass Removable Neck Converted at FMI
SOLD- Kay 1939 M-1 #4860 Upright Bass
SOLD- Milano MB-40 Ebony Fingerboard Upright Bass Removable Neck Converted at FMI
SOLD-1940 Kay C-1 Concert Model Serial # 7417-1/2 Great Condition
Adjustable Palatino Electric Upright Bass Bridge Replacement
Adjustable Upright Bass Bridges 3/4 and 1/2 Size Mostly Setup Adjusted
Advanced Brazilwood Bow
Advanced Octagonal Stick
Albert Nebel Aged European Tonewood Cello by Eastman Strings
Andreas Eastman 200 Advanced Cello Solid Woods
Andreas Eastman 305 3/4 Upright Bass All Solid Carved
Andreas Eastman 305 Advanced Cello 4/4 to 1/8 Sizes
Andreas Eastman Strings Upright Bass Model 605 for sale
Andreas Eastman VA305 Antiqued Viola Thomastik Dominant Strings
Anton Breton AB-20 Deluxe Student Violin Ebony Fittings Complete Outfit
Bargain Priced Wheeled Fiberglass Cello Case
Bass Bows
Bass Fiddle - Green or Black Weedwacker SOLID Nylon Strings Rockabilly etc
Bill Johnson Jazz Pioneer 200 Year Old 3 String Bass
Blonde Acoustic Monster Upright Double Bass Standard 3/4 Ebony Fingerboard
Blonde Cello Milano MC-700B-8 Made in 2012, with Planetary Perfection Geared Pegs
Bluegrass Bass Fiddle Milano MB-12 3/4 Upright Bass
Bluegrass Bass Setups
Bows for Stringed Inst.
Brazilwood - Ebony Frog Violin Bow
Bulletproof Bumped Skinny Black Cats Nylon Weedwacker Bass Slap Strings
CACL-18P Eastman Fiberglass Cello Hard Case w/ WHEELS
CACL-28 Eastman Z-Tek "Deluxe" Fiberglass 4/4 Cello Case with WHEELS
Cello Bows
Cello Hard Cases, all Sizes! 4/4 3/4 1/2 1/4 Lightweight Cello Case
Cello Soft Case with Wheels, Eastman's Presto Heaviest Padded WHEELED "Town Case"
Cellos for Students & Pro's
Christopher "Academy" 100 Series Upright Double Bass
Christopher Orchestral Bass DB204 Busetto DB203 Violin and DB202 Gamba Model
Christopher Removable Neck Upright Bass "Concert Series"
Christopher-Concord Removable Neck Soft Case 3 Piece Protects Laminated Upright Bass Well
Cremona Premier SC-200 Student Cello Outfit. Professional Features - Student Price
Cremona SC-175 Cello Outfit - Hand Carved Solid Spruce & Maple
Cremona SV-175 Solid Carved Student Violin Complete Outfit
Custom Painted Basses Uprights FMI Basses
D'Addario Helicore Hybrid Upright Bass Strings
D'Addario Helicore Orchestral Upright Bass Strings
DB203 & DB204 Christopher Upright Acoustic Double Bass 3/4 Size Violin or Busetto Model
DB303 Professional Series Hybrid Carved Top Christopher Upright Acoustic Double Bass
DB401 Christopher Prominence Gamba Flat-Back Upright Double Bass
DB402 Christopher Prominence Series Gamba Upright Double Bass
DB403 Christopher Prominence Series Violin Model Upright Double Bass
DB403 Christopher Prominence Series Violin Model Upright Double Bass 7/8 Size
Eastman BC60 Pernambuco Cello Bow
Eastman BC80 Cello Bow Pernambuco
Eastman Model VB95 Antiqued Upright Double Bass Carved Top Hand Rubbed Varnish
Ebony Frog Viola Bow For Sale
Eminence Acoustic-Electric Upright Bass Flight Case
Eminence-Like Acoustic Electric Upright Double Bass Flamed,
Eminence-Like Removable Neck Electric Upright Bass 4 String or 5 String
Engelhardt EM-1B-Blonde Upright MAESTRO BASS
Engelhardt Swingmaster ES9 Upright Bass, gorgeous Blonde American Made Bass!
ES-9 Blonde Engelhardt Upright Bass 2004 Make SOLD
European Mathias Thoma MT100 Violin Outift Made in Romania
Eurosonic Bass Strings Upright Bass Slap or Pluck Tension
Favorite Links: Artists etc.
Fishman Full Circle Pickup installed in a Bridge
Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup
Fishman Upright Bass and Guitar Platinum Pro EQ PreAmp
FMI Basses T-Shirts - 2 Designs
FMI Real Gut Bass Strings for Upright Bass
FMI Synthetic Gut BASS STRINGS Closer to Real Gut Strings than Nylon Weedwackers
FMI Upright Basses - Ebony and Tamarind Bass Tailpieces
Larger String Holes + Bass Clef Inlays!

Heavy Duty, Fully Padded Gig Bag for Cello with Super Strong Handles
Hercules DS590B Upright Bass Stand
Innovation Braided Solo Bass Strings, Great for Rockabilly
Innovation Golden Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Honey Jazz Bass Strings
Innovation Psycho Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Rockabilly Black Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Rockabilly Red Bass Strings
Innovation Silver Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Super Silver Bass Strings, Great for Bluegrass and Rockabilly
Innovation Ultra Black Bass Strings Low-Medium Tension, Great for Jazz, Bluegrass and Rockabilly
Innovation Upright Bass Strings
Instrument CASES
J. LaSalle LB-10V Viola Bow, “Value” Like Never Before
J. LaSalle LB-12B "Ebony" Frog, Serbian Eye Bass Bow
J. LaSalle LB-12C Cello Bow, Value Like Never Before
J. LaSalle LB-14 "Brazilwood" Violin Bow, Ebony Frog
J. LaSalle LB-14C, Cello Bow "Full Mounting"
J. LaSalle LB-14V Viola Bow"Stainless" Grip, Full Mounting
J. LaSalle LB-16C “Parisian” Eye, Cello Brazilwood Bow
J. LaSalle LB-19V "Octagonal" Brazilwood, "Parisian" Eye Viola Bow
J. LaSalle LB-20 Round "Carbon Graphite", Parisian Eye Violin Bow
J. LaSalle LB-33V "Pernambuco" Octagonal Viola Bow
J. LaSalle LB-41 "Pernambuco" Violin Bow "Top of the Line." 4/4 only
Jean-Pierre Lupot VB-501 3/4 Violin or Gamba Corners Upright Bass by Eastman
K&K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus Preamp
Upright Bass Pickup

K&K Rockabilly Pickup Preamp and MORE
K&K Sound Bass Master Pro Bass Pickup
K&K Sound Pure Preamp
KK Sound Bass Max Upright Bass Pickup
KK Sound Double Big Twin Upright Bass Pickup
KK Sound Power Mix Pure Mini Pickup for Acoustic Guitar
KK Sound Pure Resonator BB Pickup
Lightweight Wheeled Cello Hard Case - 4/4 Size
Mathias Thoma - Kolstein Baker Upright Bass MT202 Liandro Di Vacenza Guarneri
MB-40FT Flamed Maple Upright Bass Milano FMI Bass Antique Brown
MB-40FT Flamed Maple Upright Bass Milano FMI Bass Blonde
MB-45 Black 3/4 UPRIGHT BLACK BASS Rockabilly and Bluegrass with HOT Weedwacker Pro Strings
Milano MB-100S Hybrid Upright Bass Removable Neck Model
Milano MB-40 Ebony Fingberboard Upright Bass Flat Black and Pinstriped Rockabilly Bass
Milano MB-40 Standup Bass with Ebony Fingerboard
Milano MC-650 Cello for sale- Fine Select Tone Woods
Milano MC750 Cello Solid Hand Carved Top Aged Woods Best Flaming
Milano MVA-500 Viola Student Level Ebony Fittings Carved Spruce and Maple
Milano-300S All Solid Upright Bass
Milano-MB-100S Solid Carved Top Double Bass, Ebony Fingerboard
More Information on Setups
Music Performance Stools
MV-400 Milano Solid Carved Ebony Spruce and Maple Student Violin Outfit
Orchestral Bass Basic Setups
Palatino "Steel" Strings for Upright Bass
Palatino VB-012 Upright Double Bass, Violin Corner Blonde
Pietro Lombardi VB-502 3/4 Upright Bass Violin, Gamba, Quenoil, or Busetto Corners, by Eastman
Pro/ Jazz Bass Setups
PROPER CARE Stringed Inst.
RB-1 Custom Rockabilly Bass Fiddle. Traditional 1950's Rockabilly Style
RB-1 Painted Upright Bass
RB-2 Custom Rockabilly Upright Bass with Flames
RB-2 Painted Upright Bass - One Color Flames
RB-3 Upright Bass Two-Tone Flames
RB-4 Flamed Sparkle Painted Rockabilly Touring Bass
RB-4 Rockabilly Upright Bass Pro
RB-4 Upright Bass Flames and Heavy Pinstriping
RB-5 Upright Bass With Painted Artwork
RB-6 Upright Bass Heavy Pinstriping
RB-7 Upright Bass Flat Colors - No Clear Coat, Can Upgrade To Pinstriping
RB-8 Wood Grain Finish - Pinstriping With Upgrade
Real Gut Bass Strings, Easy Flex Double Bass Strings, Bumped or Medium Tension
Removable Neck Hybrid Upright Bass Milano MB-100S
Removable Neck Upright Basses at FMI
RENTALS-Basses, Cellos, etc..
Rockabilly Bass Playing Videos
Rockabilly Bass Setups
Rotosound Upright Bass Strings for Double Bass Slap or Pluck
Rudoulf Doetsch German Upright Bass by Eastman Strings
Samuel Eastman 100 Student Cello
SB-3 3/4 Cremona Acoustic Upright Bass FLAMED!
SB-80 SHEN Double Bass
Shadow SH RB-PRO Rockabilly Pro Upright Bass Pickup and Preamp
SHEN RN SB-80 Matte Oil Vintage Cherry - Upright Bass Removable Neck Travel Bass*SOLD*
SHEN SB-200 Gemunder Style Bass, all solid carved Spruce and Willow
SHEN SB-88 3/4 Upright Acoustic Bass - Hand Oil Finished
SHEN SB-88 5/8 Scale Size Upright Acoustic Bass - Hand Oil Finished
SHEN SB-88 Removable Neck 3/4 Upright Bass - Travel Bass
SHEN SB-90 Blonde Upright Double Bass
SHEN SC200 CELLO Maple Back Spruce Top Advanced Student Outfit
Standard Bass Basic Setups
Standard Cello Set-ups
Strings Pickups Preamps Accessories
Student Upright Bass - 1/4 Size Upright Double Bass Fiddle
Student Upright Double Bass Milano MB-12 in 1/2 and 3/4 sizes
Student Violin Outfits $199 to $399
Student Violins for Sale
SV-1320 Cremona Maestro Series Violin Outfit
SV-150 Cremona Student Violin Outfit 4/4 to 1/16 Sizes
SV-200 Cremona Flamed Violin Outfit
Thomastik Spirocore Mediums Upright Bass Strings, Lights too.
TL-20 TRAVELITE CELLO CASE - 4/4 to 1/4 Sizes for Sale
Upright Bass Bridge Adjuster Wheels 1/4"x20 Black Aluminum most common size
Upright Bass Hard Case 3/4 Size with Wheels, Lightweight
Upright Bass Removable Neck Travel Bass by FMI
Upright Bass Soft Case with Wheels, Eastman's Presto Heaviest Padded WHEELED "Town Case"
Upright Bass, Guitar, Keyboard Music Performance Stool FMI Basses Bargain
Upright Basses Under $1500
Upright Double Bass Fiddles
Upright Double Bass Strings
VB-015-BK Palatino 'Billy' Bass BLACK Upright Cutaway
Video Demos of Christopher, Eastman, Shen and other Basses
Vintage / Used Double Basses
Vintage American Standard upright bass made in 1937, lefty converted. *SOLD*
Vintage King Upright Bass 1955 Moretone SOLD
Viola Bows
Violas for Sale
Violin Bows
Violin Bows
Weedwacker Pro Lite Slap Bass Strings good for EUB too
Weedwacker Upright Double Bass Strings for Rockabilly Many Colors Kevlar Core Nylon
WK702ST Wilhelm Klier Upright Bass German Crafted Beauty by Eastman Strings

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