Standard Cello Set-ups

Standard Cello Set-ups
Standard Cello Set-ups
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Setup prices below are for instruments bought here at FMI, slightly higher for instruments brought in to us for setups.
We lower and reshape the nut and bridge, check the soundpost, and dress the fingerboard as necessary so the strings won’t buzz anywhere. We also handle the pegs so they don’t slip and will hold the strings in tune. We ensure you get a cello that has been “setup” “adjusted” so it WILL play properly and easily compared to a factory direct cello.

This is a $100 to $140 job at most shops, we do it for $80 along with the sale of a cello.

Here's what a recent parent customer had to report on what the cello teacher said about the adjustments we do: "My son just went back to school, and today was the day his teacher looked over the cello. I didn't tell her ANYTHING about it, because I didn't want to tilt her opinion (people can be REALLY snobby about instruments, I have found). Anyway, she played for about 5 minutes, and when she stopped she immediately commented on the very good set-up/adjusment, and how easy the strings were on the fingers because they were adjusted to be low. She also commented on the quality of the strings, and said we were wise to set-up with quality strings, since it makes such a difference. She described the sound as strong, and large (which she said really appeals to and encourages students), and said that it was a good student instrument, certainly at least as good as the cello I was renting for $55 a month from the local music shop. Not a professional quality instrument, but a perfectly respectable student cello. Just what I wanted to hear her say!

She also said this was one of the few internet-bought instruments she has recommended a student to keep!"

It is VERY rough on the fingers to play with the strings way high because of a high nut, AND it is more difficult to play at all when you have to work so hard to push the strings down for every note. Don't handicap yourself or your child with a cello that has not been adjusted to lower the action when you can cheaply get it from us already done. Buy from another online seller and have a STRONG need for a RETAIL shop to adjust the cello for $100 to $140 so you or your youngster can play it easily and properly. Your instuctor/teacher will tell you the exact same thing.

Note: For our on-line customers, BECAUSE OF THE RISK OF DAMAGE IN SHIPPING WE DO NOT SHIP WITH THE BRIDGE STOOD UP AND ON SOLID CARVED CELLOS WE ALSO TAKE THE SOUNDPOST DOWN. After setup we must loosen the strings and take down the bridge to avoid shipping damage which will surely happen with the bridge stood up. The instructions for standing the bridge and tuning are easy to follow and only take a little while. For a solid carved cello, the soundpost will have to be put back in position by your local string shop.

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