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Upright Basses

String Wins:
Weedwacker Pro strings:
I spent about 2 years searching for the right strings to put on my upright bass for the rockabilly sound that I was hearing in my head. I tried 4 or 5 other brands of strings that claim to be made for the rockabilly style.
The problem with all of them was the tone that I got out of the snap. They all sounded more like a splat rather than a click. What I wanted was a good clean wood block tone without doing too much to the sound electronically. I found that in the Weed Wackers.
At first, I bought the regular Weed Wackers. I got the woodblock click tone, but the E string was the size of a log and felt like I was playing a wet noodle, so I ended up buying two sets and used the extra A string to replace the E.
All of that nonsense changed when they came out with the Weed Wacker Pros. With the Pros, they greatly improved the tension and the diameter of the E string. It’s still a little loose for me, but I’m told that ordering a set of strings with two A strings is not a problem.
The Wackers are also easy on the hands. I figure that I’m slapping or snapping the strings 25,000 to 35,000 times during a four hour rockabilly show. In the 3 years that I’ve been using Weed Wackers, I’ve only had one blister that opened up on me.
The down side is that you don’t get the volume when you play acoustically. But who cares? Playing with my band, I’m always plugged in to the amp and playing loud anyway.
My bass was used in a Hank 3 concert after his bass player’s instrument was suddenly damaged when they came to Richmond. Hanks bass player was impressed with the strings and loved the feel of the strings.
Time and time again, I have professional sound engineers compliment me on the tone quality of my bass. Of course, a lot of that’s my rig, but without the Weed Wackers, I wouldn’t even get close.

Steve Wyse / Upright Bass Player for Cha Cha’s Cadillac "rockabilly and cow punk"


(MC-200 1/10 Merano Cello outfit)I'm not usually inclined to post reviews, but our experience with Fantastic Musical Instruments was so exemplary that, well, here I am. We purchased a cello for our four-year-old (!), and FMI was the only merchant we encountered who were aware that the European and the Suzuki standards differed at the smallest sizes. They were extremely helpful when I contacted them by phone, offering knowledgeable advice, often suggesting less costly options when we, in our obvious ignorance, could easily have been steered to more expensive ones. Finally, they customized the action of the cello to better fit our daughter's small hands, and they expedited the customization and shipping to assure that the cello would arrive in time for our daughter's birthday. Last but not least, the cello is well made and equals or exceeds their description. I'm listening as I write to something that approximates "Twinkle" -- a joyful sound from a VERY happy girl. - Rick (Boone, NC)

Tom-- Haven't written yet to say thank you re: the Merano cello, since I wanted to have my son's music teacher look it over first, to be sure we wouldn't be sending it back. We are not sending it back! :-) Sadly, I did snap the D-string while tuning it the FIRST day, which just broke my heart. It broke my heart even MORE to go to my local music store, where they charged me $36.75 for ONE "Dominant" D string (which they said was comparable to the quality of the strings that you upgraded my cello to, for a very reasonable cost!). However, because I bought the string from them they actually were very kind, helped straighten my tilting bridge (from all that tuning, they said), applied the "Peg Drops", and even tuned the beast (I was afraid to touch it after snapping that D string!), for no additional cost. My son just went back to school, and today was the day his teacher looked over the cello. I didn't tell her ANYTHING about it, because I didn't want to tilt her opinion (people can be REALLY snobby about instruments, I have found). Anyway, she playedfor about 5 minutes, and when she stopped she immediately commented on the very good set-up/adjusment, and how easy the strings were on the fingers because they were adjusted to be low. She also commented on the quality of the strings, and said we were wise to set-up with quality strings, since it makes such a difference. She described the sound as strong, and large (which she said really appeals to and encourages students), and said that it was a good student instrument, certainly at least as good as the cello I was renting for $55 a month from the local music shop. Not a professional quality instrument, but a perfectly respectable student cello. Just what I wanted to hear her say! She also said this was one of the few internet-bought instruments she has recommended a student to keep! Again, thanks for a great experience, and we are spreading the word among our friends so that they can avoid the instrument rental racket, and still have peace of mind, by doing business with you! --Gina Boyle--

(MC-400 4/4 cello) I have looked at a lot of Internet discussion on cello, especially Chinese. The general conclusion of most experienced cellists is it is unlikely you'll get a good cello at such a cheap price and you may find that no one will be willing to do the setup. After searching on eBay for quite some time for potentially good cellos from China at cheap prices, I decided to look for ebony. When I finally saw your ad, and the pictures and discussion on lowering the strings (i.e. setup) it took very little time to make a decision and buy. I figured that if you were doing the set up you would also likely be picking the better quality instrument to do it on. I was not disappointed. If I had the chance to try out 100 cellos, all of which looked superb, except the one that played and sounded the best, I'd pick the latter, even if it looked terrible. I think the cello you selected for me looks much better than I ever expected - it is really pretty and well made. Thanks, Greg (Glendora, CA)

The 3/4 cello arrived a day early....WOW. I am very pleased with what we have gotten. My son is thrilled to have his very own cello & his parents are thrilled not to be paying rent. My sons teacher was pleased also. The hard case is awesome also. Thank you for offering this product. I am passing your name to many others ....hope it brings you more business. Have a great week !!!!!! You have made mine extra special !!!! Martha Husser. Etters, PA. (MC-400 Merano Cello with Hard Case & Bow)

Andreas Eastman VC305 Cello sent to England: “Tom, I want to let you know that the cello arrived safely on Wednesday. FedEx must have looked after it well because even the packaging was still in good condition. I followed their tracking and it was very useful. If I ever do it again, I would think about spending a little more money and have it shipped priority. The extra may save all the worrying I did when I saw the number of times it was loaded and unloaded and the number of different locations it went through! I've not had much opportunity to play it yet but so far it sounds good. The tone is rich as well as clear and seems very even across the range. It is also impressively resonant. I was also struck by how effortless it is to play. I'm not sure why this is, because the bridge is quite a bit higher than I am used to. It is very responsive too - both in terms of attack and subtlety. Overall I think it compares well with a couple of top quality (and extremely costly) instruments that I have tried out in the past.

You may have gathered by now that I am absolutely delighted with my new cello. It’s got a few years to go before it is properly played in so I am looking forward to that. Many thanks Tom for your splendid service. I could not have asked for better. Very best wishes, Jeannie (Andreas Eastman VC305 Cello)”

Thomas, Received the cello on Tuesday last week, just five days after I ordered it. Wow! I took it to a professional here in town who restores and repairs string instruments. He set it up for me and assured me that I have purchased an excellent instrument. He was very impressed with the quality and sound, especially when he learned that I paid less than $300. In fact, he said that if he could get ten of them that good he would buy them to resell. (I told him where to find you!) Thank you so much. I never expected to get such a "Fantastic Instrument" for such a reasonable price. Last year I bought a violin online and was very disappointed with the quality. Sent it back immediately. I can assure you that you will not be seeing this cello again anytime soon! LeeAnn (1/8 760R Hand Carved Cello)

The Cello is very beautiful and it sounds really great. It is very well made and has a very good and rich tone. It is quite a good quality instrument. Even the bow is a good quality one. So I am very pleased and I recommend Baritoneman especially for that. Even my cello teacher likes the instrument and its rich sound. For the quality instrument I got, the price is VERY good, even if I add up the shipping cost to Canada. The item was very well packaged. The Cello couldn't be damaged easily during the transportation, because it was well protected. I was very pleased by the ordering experience. Again: Wow! What a great Cello. Martin B. (760R Hand Carved Student Cello)

The cello arrived in perfect condition. My daughter's instructor put on the fine tuners and bridge and tested it out for us. He gave us the thumbs up. Peggy Amstutz. (Cremona SC-75 Cello)

After 1 week of playing it (and with a new set of strings) it has really opened up to be a great sounding instrument. All new stringed instruments need "massaging" first. I am a high school and middle school orchestra director, on top of being a semi-pro violinist. I would like to think that I know quality when I see it. Surely, this cello can't hold a light next to some that you pay thousands of dollars for, but it works for me! Anneke S. (760E All Solid Woods Cello w/hard case)

I received the cello and it is beautiful and sounds great. The shipping was very fast, you do great business, I will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks, Josh Knutson (4/4 size Fully Carved 760R Wood Cello w/soft case.)

Rating: Excellent. Comments: Hard to believe the quality of the instrument we bought for the price! So far we are very happy with it. It was delivered quickly, and was well-packed. Thanks, Patrick McKenna (Student Cello)

Hi Tom, I received the cello today and took it down to my local music store and they were impressed it made it all the way from LA in perfect shape. nice packing job. :) I like the cello very much and am very pleased with doing business with you. In the future, I would be interested in a deluxe gig bag but need to wait a little bit. Thank you again. Ally (Merano 760E Cello)

Tom, yes definitely Superior Sound Quality! In my opinion, every instrument has its own unique properties, something in the feel and the positions of the notes. An instrument is to me an extension of myself and becomes part of me regardless of the different properties so the the sound it produces and its potential are most important to me. I found the rich full tone and consistency of the tone most surprising and delightful. I mean, a note begins to diminish and degrade after it is played. For a new instrument, the tone remains very constant and the quality will improve with age and proper use. Sincerely, Mary K. (760E All solid woods hand carved cello with Brazilwood horsehair bow and hard case)

This cello is great. Nice rich sound. I'm very pleased given the low price. This is an excellent value and a fine starter cello. Jay H. (1/2 size student cello outfit under $300)


Hi Tom and Chris: My Royale RL-4 arrived yesterday--it's stunning. Thank you for the exceptional packaging job and the outstanding pricing. I will definitely be back when it is time to purchase a solid body guitar. The reviews I read regarding the high quality of this guitar were not hype. Usually cliches are pretty much on target, however, "You get what you pay for" should be amended to say, "You get what you pay for unless you pay too much." That seems to apply to electric guitars when comparing my choice and the Gibson/Epiphone brands of semi-hollow bodies. Again, thanks for your straightforward, honest, and professional way of doing business. George Wright Pekin, IN (Samick Royale RL-4)

Hi Tom, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I've enjoyed the Blueridge Model 180 guitar I bought from you several months ago. What a joy it is to play! I wouldn't have another guitar. Many thanks! JC, Lakeland, FL

Hi Chris! Got my guitar yesterday and it is beautiful. I took it out of the box and straight to a Thursday night jam session. The guys couldn't believe the tone and volume. There was herringbone Martin's there and it held its own, if not better. It was passed around all night and seemed to be even better at the end. One of my friends ask if they made a left hand guitar. He wants one for a Christmas present to his wife. Let me know. Thanks again, James. (BR-160 Blueridge Guitar)

Hi Tom! I got the guitar (Blueridge BR-160) last monday and I've been quite busy ever since because I want to hold and play it all the time :-D What a GUITAR, looks real beauty and sounds even better! Loud, clear and nice. There's no "deadspot" on the fretboard and balance between bass-midle-treble is good. Also neck fits fine for my hand. I can honestly say that I ain't never played a better acoustic guitar than this one. And workmanship is amazing! This IS high quality. I've checked it real carefully and couldn't find anything but the good things about it. Even fretwork is flawless. Very good polishing.

Thank you Tom, very much. (And I've told my friends about your website, so if you got some Email from Finland, don't be surprised ;-) Sincerely- Juha

The guitar arrived four days from when it was shipped, and was packaged very well. Right out of the box the guitar was set up decent. I did lower the action, but that was more for my taste, it was actually very playable as is. The finish is beautiful, and looks as good as guitars costing much more. The tuners seem of good quality and it stays in tune very well. Sound wise it has a great blues/rock vibe, maybe not great for Heavy metal, but it is very responsive to various gain applications. Thanks again Tom, Scott . (MGM-1 3 Tone Sunburst, Cort Signature Series Guitar)

I LOVE the BR-160. Best guitar money I've ever spent - it's easily worth the retail list price of $895. Best, Jeff Sands

Love the BR-160 and after seeing it, one of my friends ordered a BR-70 from you guys. I was really pleased with the quick response you guys gave me and I have let all my pickin' buds know about it. Thanks again, Carl

This is feedback on the Blueridge BR180 guitar a professional musician bought: "This guitar is made for full bodied acoustic tone and it delivers. In comparing it to my Martin D-28 and HD-28 it sounds somewhere in between. It has more depth than the D-28 but not as much as the scalloped HD-28. However, the highs are more prominent and sparkly than the HD-28 and the overall balance better, especially when using Elixir nanos. The tone could be described as typically rich and full rosewood with good sparkle and separation; kind of like having the depth of a rosewood guitar and the clarity of mahogany in the high end. For my playing, which is a combination of bluegrass, celtic, new age etc., it works well, because the tone is a little more contemporary than most Martins. I also use a Martin on stage in my act. The guitar is also brand new and hasn't had time to open up and mature.

I've been playing for 40+ years and I have owned everything out there except Collings. I also own and play a Martin 000-16SGT and an A. Lo-Prinzi LM-12. I use the Martin for alternate tuning fingerstyle stuff and the Blueridge for flatpicking and standard tuning fingerstyle pieces. I don’t play the Lo Prinzi in performances that much because it doesn't sound as good or play as easy as the Martin and Blueridge. I also play a Vega Tubaphone banjo from 1923.

I really think that this Blueridge is both a wonderful playing and sounding professional level guitar. It certainly gets all the attention of a Martin D-45 at both visual and tone levels at about 1/5 the price. Several years ago I owned a similarly beautiful Martin D-41 which I was afraid to take anywhere, because it was so pretty and it cost so much. This Blueridge is just as pretty (even more so) and I'm not scared to take it out. Other musicians look at it and say "What kind of guitar is that?!" and are astounded to find that it's a Blueridge, what they thought was a "cheap" guitar brand. I don't know how Saga does it. I know it's made in China, the land of a cheap and plentiful labor force; but in the final analysis, it's a great guitar for someone who's after both looks and beauty." Mr. Big

The RD-45 Resonator guitar sounds louder, looks better, and plays better than any resonator at that price. Many of my friends gave the guitar complements on how beautiful the instrument is. The RD-45 I received was manufactured flawlessly. I am especially fond of the wood grain mahogany finish. Gil

The dobro showed up at my door today. It looks, plays, and sounds great. Everything is as advertised. I’m quite happy with it. I have left positive feedback for you folks on ebay. Once again, I’d like to thank you for replying to my anxiety-filled emails and helping me to relax. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I gotta go figure out how to play this thing now. Thanks, Corey Sullivan (RD-35 Delta Blue Dobro Guitar-shipped to Canada)


Got the mandolin. It's a much nicer instrument than I expected. Thanks for the fast delivery. Rick (Trinity College TM-325 Octave Mandolin)

TOM, Thanks a bunch. This 350S Kentucky Mandolin is a beast for the money! It has more chop than a lumber jack, and the solid woods make it an instrument that will only sound better with age . . . and it sounds great new! Cheaper (laminate top) instruments will sound the same forever, but solid woods "age" like fine California wine. I swear, I can distinguish the tone differences weekly. Also, I can pull harmonics from the 5th, 7th, as well as the 12th frets . . . awesome! The Kentucky line is (among certain circles) the best imported Mando. With proper set up, it has a fantastic tone. Mine still has some work needed (e.g. adjustments to nut, action, buffer felt under the plate, etc) to satisfy the well trained ear. Thanks for the better case, and all your help in resolving my problems. I will recommend you to fellow players as even though I had some difficulty, I still picked up a Kentucky 350S for a hundred bucks less than the next best alternative. Take care! CURT

I had sent you an E-Mail this morning concerning the Mandolin case. At that point I had not recieved it and I was asking for some help. Well as fate would have it ...when I came home from work this evening it was sitting on the front porch. I stuck my old Mandolin in it and it was a great fit. Please disregard the earlier E-Mail as the case has arrived safe and sound. I have enjoyed doing business with you very much. Thanks R.H. (CG-400M Johnson Mandolin Gig Bag)

The Golden Gate Banjo Case is very nice. My banjo fits it like a glove. It's as if the manufacturer made it just for my banjo. There is room for everything I need without the dreaded extra dead-spaces that could cause jarring or movement of my banjo. The nice thing is the large box for supplies under the neck. It's the only banjo case that I've seen that is large enough to hold an electronic tuner and all the other stuff I will need when on the road. The body of the case is very hard and will be able to withstand the rigorous abuse I put it through as I try to cram everything I need into my vehicle. This banjo case will give me a sense of security for my banjo in this crazy world that we live in. I now know my banjo is safe. Again, thank you for the quick service. It took only 5 days for me to get my banjo case and that included the weekend and Veterans Day. This is the fastest service I have ever seen. Thank you for the good service, Vernon Ursenbach (CP-1530 Banjo Case)

"Hi Tom, the banjo case arrived today Thanks! It's a good'un. I hope to do business with you again. Sincerely, Bill Seneschal" (Golden Gate CP-1530 Banjo Case)


Thanks we got the viola - my son is delighted! It really is beautiful. He loves the case as well!! LuANN (MA-300 13” Viola student model)

Received yesterday. Thanks for the overnight shipping. My daughter's orchestra teacher set it up and tuned it for her today. We are very happy with the Viola. I'll purchase another one from you when she outgrows this one. I'll leave some good customer feedback for you. Thanks again! Kerry Lewis (12” Viola Student Model MA300)

The viola arrived in great condition and on time. I appreciate your speediness in getting us the instrument. According to his orchestra teacher, it is a great instrument for a beginner. Taking into account the fact that rentals are around $30 per month, I think we got a great deal! Leigh L. (Palatino VA350 15" Viola)

Hi Tom, I got it and it's beautiful. Thank you very much. Lori Stowell (item: 14" student viola rosewood trim, model MA300)

The viola arrived in great condition and on time. I appreciate your speediness in getting us the instrument. According to his orchestra teacher, it is a great instrument for a beginner. Taking into account the fact that rentals are around $30 per month, I think we got a great deal! Leigh L. (Palatino VA350 15" Viola)

Hey Tom, I got the instrument about a week ago. Sorry I didn't write sooner but I was overwhelmed by finals, and then immediately left for NJ. The viola was in perfect condition, and once I get back I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to play around with it.

It was a pleasure doing business, although FedEx caused me some grief (not your fault) and delivered the item a day late. I'm sure that when the time comes to get another instrument, you'll hear from me again. Thanks again, Austin


Dear Mr. Kerr, Yes I had our violin instructor come and look at it as I really don't know what I'm dealing with in musical instruments. All I know is that it looked beautiful, really nice finish and I loved the carved pegs. The instructor was pleased with my purchase and thought I had gotten a great deal on a nice violin. He took down the brand name so he would remember it to recommend to other students. The sound is beautiful as well, which of course matters more than the pretty looks. We are very pleased with it. Thanks again, Ann Graf (MT-100 Virtuoso Violin)

Tom, I tried the violin out today and the sound is incredible. The wood is definite high quality and it gives the violin a vintage sound, one of my friends thought it is comparable to a 100 year old violin (which is a good thing). It is definitely a high quality instrument and you should have no problem in selling them. Thanks again, Jeremy. (Mathias Thoma MT100 Violin)

Hi Thomas, I polished the violin with a little finishing polish that I have and now it really shines and like you said the tone is getting better the more you play it. I went around to other stores to try different violins to compare, I even tried a $2000.00 hand made German violin that was a 160 years old that was said to have a beautiful tone, and my Maestro MT250 blew them away. Each violin had it's one distinct sound, but you couldn't beat the beautiful clear deep woody tone of the Maestro. Having it shipped to my office gave everyone a chance to look at it. I had been talking about Fantastic Instruments and the violin so much, they wanted to see what it looked like when it finally arrived. Thanks again Thomas for the violin and I wish you and your family a very Bright and Happy New Year. Jason Kropelin - Canada (MT250 Maestro Violin)

(Footnote) Here's what Jason found in his research on prices for Mathias Thoma violins in Canada From Western Music Sales: (Stores in Canada) “The MT250 is $3895.00 CAN or $2438.14 USD MT200 is $2975.00 CAN or $1862.11 USD MT100 is $2375.00 CAN or $1486.53 USD. He includes a lightweight case and a bow with each violin but I didn't get what kind of bow. Jason"

Item as promised, good communication, smooth transaction, beautiful violin. Thanks, David (Mathias Thoma MT100)

I received my violin last Thursday. It was in excellent condition. It’s a real beauty. My neice is in love with it and began her lessons on Friday. I have only goo things to say about it. Thank You Again, Cynthia B. (FL-12E 4/4 VIOLIN)

Hi Tom, everything has arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness with this order, you have made my first experience purchasing online a great pleasure. Thanks again, Becky Humphrey (FL-12R student violin)

Hi Tom, We got our violin today and are very happy with it. My daughter is more excited about the wonderful case (she's only 6 :) Thanks for sending it express. Sincerely, Sharon Buttrick (FL-12R 1/4 size)

MV600 Violin outfit: Hi Tom, Just a quick line to let you know that the violin arrived here today in England safe and sound. I am very pleased! Thanks again. Best regards, Rod (MV600 Violin outfit 4/4)

MV600 Violin outfit 4/4: Hi Tom, Just to let you know the Violin arrived this morning. It's everything you said it was. I am very pleased, it is far better then I was expecting - especially considering the cost. Thanks for the swift dealings, I will certainly be in touch if I should need anything else. Kindest Regards Ling-Gen Chan - England

Fantastic Instruments has a good selection of musical instruments for every price range. The descriptions are well written and clear and the service is great. I am pleased with my Anton Breton violin which will be perfect for practicing on. I especially like the case it came with. This was my second order from Fantastic Instruments and I will keep them in mind for future orders. Now, if only I could find a family member that wants to learn cello. Alfred Dagenais

Upright Basses:

Hey Tom, good to hear from you. It definitely turns a lot of heads out here too, every time I bring it out a crowd gathers around it. I don't think I've ever in my life seen so many people who wanted to take a picture of one of my instruments. :D

I love the paint job, obviously. And whatever your guy used was some sturdy stuff, because this thing has taken a few rough knocks and I still have yet to scratch the finish anywhere. The bass is also remarkably feedback resistant as is. I never did end up needing to add that second sound post, the Fishman plus a little muting of the strings between the tailpiece and the bridge does just fine. It isn't perfect, because as I'm sure you well know there's no eliminating feedback entirely on such a big acoustic body. But it does ok. Tone is great, I've never had any complaints about how it sounds. The strings get a lot of attention, and those Rockabilly Reds have broken in quite nicely. Arco is a complete no go on this thing as is (the strings have a lot of trouble getting a grip on the bow) but pizz and slap work great, even Unamplified. One note about that deuce bridge, the thing has never fallen over on me. Not once. It's nice. :D

Overall, I'm really happy with my bass. For what I use it for (loud rockabilly/rock music) it performs beautifully.


Contacting Fantastic Musical Instruemnts was the best decision I ever made. The Milano is a great sounding bass. I belong to a Bluegrass Association and everyone who has seen and played my Milano bass was very impressed with the sound, appearance and quality. The setup and strings couldn't have been better. The last time I played bass was forty years ago. I recently played in my first jam and I got so involved I played the whole Jam without any finger blisters or pain of any kind. People couldn't get over the royal blue Weed Wacker strings. The care and concern in the shipping of my bass was much more than I expected. Your company's customer service is rare and the instruments far exceed their price. I have told many of the North Florida Bluegrass Association members about you. Thank you for assisting me with my dream. Richard Booker (Milano-050E Ebony Double Bass, Nicely set-up for Bluegrass w/Royal Blue Weedwacker Strings)

Hi, I would like to say what a great service, packaging and Instrument. Would you be interested in shipping another one or two to me in New Zealand ? I am really enjoying playing it except I have such big blisters on my fingers and can't walk past it without picking it up and playing it. Thank you once again, Kind Regards, Paul Fisher, Christchurch, NZ. (Merano 4/4 Upright Double Bass)

(From a professional bass player in Canada) ..."I received a call from "Buyers Transport" (here in Calgary) so I picked it up instead of getting a home delivery. I gave the bass my own setups, added my choice of strings and a pickup and then hauled it off to a country festival of 70,000 people where I headlined with my Rockabilly Band. The Bass sounded great! This was the best deal I've ever gotten... Thanks for everything, Shane Chisholm" (4/4 Merano Upright Bass)

Got the Bass yesterday. GREAT! Sounds great. I’ve got to play it on Sunday at church with a group. I’ve already had several people saying If I decide to sell it let them know. So I told them about you guys.. So maybe you may have to ship out more to this area. Again Thanks and I’ll watch out for the blisters, Larry Hite

Hi there, Tom! I received the bass last friday, in perfect condition! Sounds good, too! I have been pluckin away on it for the last 3 days, my fingertips are going to fall off pretty soon!.... Thanks for doing business, Zachariah Jones

Hi Tom, the bass I ordered arrived and is in good order. It plays well and has a good sound, I have no problem recommending you to my friends. Thanks again, Don (SB-1 3/4 Upright Bass)

Thomas, I just got the bass. Looks great. Great, quick shipping. I'll definitely use you again, and recommend you to friends. Thanks for the excellent service. Joseph Strickland (3/4 SB-1 upright bass)

"Everything was received fine last Thursday. Thank you for the shipment and the great product. My son love's it (he is only 9). Bernard Harris (1/4 SB-1 Upright Bass)"

Hi Tom, I got the bass this weekend and it sounds great. I've played bass for years, but this is my first standup, and I'm picking it up pretty quickly. Thanks a lot, and good luck with your sellings. Thanks Aaron (3/4 SB-1 Bass)

Got the bad boy yesterday!! Mucho happy. Well done. When I upgrade, we'll do business again!! Thanks again!! Kendall (3/4 Cremona SB-1 Upright Bass)

Hi, I wanted to ask you about the upright bass you got from baritoneman. Is it really a good sounding bass? How did it arrive, in good shape? And did you have to be present for the shipping company? I'm thinking of bidding on one of these and would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks. Scott C.

I live within driving distance of BaritoneMan. He let me pick it up directly from him. So I couldn't really tell you about the shipping. It is without out a doubt the best sounding bass "out of the box" I have ever owned. It sounds way better than the Englhardt or Glassells I have tried. For the price you can't beat it. I recommend you bid on one. This is the same bass Sam Ash was selling for $899. I plan on buying another as a spare later this year. You will find that Tom (BaritoneMan) Is a very honest and good man. Bryan (Cremona SB-1)

4/4 Merano Bass: Hi Tom, the Merano full-size bass arrived this afternoon, safe and sound, just nine days after I dropped the check in the mailbox. After positioning the bridge and tuning up, I found it easy to play and well set up. The bass has great sustain and tone, perfect for my uses. It seems to sound better and better as it breaks in, or is it just my playing improving? In any case, lots better than the last bass I tried for three times the price. My two year old loves the box! It gives me a little more time to play, too. Thanks so much for the prompt replies, excellent service and great deal! Sincerely, Bill Beach (4/4 Merano Upright Bass)”

Christopher Professional 7/8 5 string bass: “The Bass was in the local freight delivery warehouse over thanksgiving, but I don't blame the folks for taking the long weekend! They had it the day before Thanksgiving, but they didn't notify me until after they had closed - they left an answering machine message. It was delivered here Tuesday morning, I could find NO blemishes of any kind. So, I brought it inside and started to set it up. I found the nut pretty high for my taste, but it is lots easier to file a nut down than build one up! I will have to take the bridge off and make an adjustment to the adjusters - it is pretty high too, same comment!!

“But, it was no problem at all to get it into ‘playable’ shape, and I turned up at my Big Band Practice with it, and it just wowed the band! The Lead Clarinet, the furthest from me, said he could hear it clearly over four screaming trumpets and three tormenting trombones! One of the trumpets offered to put a key scratch on it, so it would not be perfect anymore! I turned him down, needless to say.

“It has a LOVELY tone, all five strings! A low ‘B’ is a VERY Low note, and it takes a very good bass to properly "speak" down there! It bows perfectly, and the pizzicato is just wonderful. Crisp attacks, rich, mellow, clear tone that ‘cuts through’ the rest of a 16 piece traditional ‘Big Band’ and a really long decay. Most of the Band thinks I no longer need any amplification. I disagree, but only because when I properly place pickups, I can feed that pure bass sound into my Mixer, taking one Mixer output to an amplifier, the other goes to the Sound Board that controls the amplification of the entire band and the singers. At the first practice I found myself leaning over the bass to hear myself!

“The bass actually projects a wonderful, rich sound throughout the practice hall, always clear and distinct above the rest of the band. But I have a slight hearing loss, and I am close to the trumpets! So I will keep a simple monitor active for me. The Sound Man places main Monitors so the Band can hear itself. (Well, we can when the trumpets are not playing!) I have previously played gigs where my own monitor had accidentally been switched off, and I was listening to my own playing over the regular monitors. For performances, that should be plenty. In rehearsals I think I need a little boost, aimed at my old gray head!

“Anyway, the Christopher Professional 7/8 size five string Bass is certainly a hit with the High Society Big Band! It got universal praise at the first practice. As I play it, the tone improves. That is what happens with carved tops - they ‘Play In’ and get better and better as they are played. You just don't get that with laminated tops. They just don't change.

“I am very pleased with the Bass, and my family is also just delighted with it. It is fun to play, and fun to HEAR. Such a nice tone!

“I have test played both a brand new 3/4 size all carved Strunal the Music Store owner had purchased in Germany, and one hundred year old carved Czech base they were selling, and the Christopher has a lot more "punch" than the Strunal, and has an overall better sound. The Strunal has only been played in the store. Here is the kicker - the Strunal is priced at $6,000.00 and the old Czech is priced at $8,000! The String salesperson told me they had a five string at one of their other stores - that is where I got the idea of getting a 5 string if I could manage to afford it! It is a lot easier to just buy a 5-string than it is to have a Luthier install the E string extender! The Christopher sounds just like the Czech, so I am comparing its tone to a very very good Orchestra Bass! I am very pleased with the Christopher Bass! Cheers! Jean (Christopher Model DB303-F5 300 Series "Professional" 7/8 5 String Upright Bass.)

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Hi. Got the trumpet today and it is just perfect... just what I wanted. Thanks again, -Ben Smith (Winston 475 BTH Black & Gold Trumpet)

Hi Tom, received my Amati trumpet yesterday and it looks and sounds great. Thanks! Kirk S. (ATR-213 Black)

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